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Troll facts

Origin and habitat

So far, the only real information we have about trolls is what is shown in the film. The film confirms some of the myths and legends we have about trolls. Legend said that trolls were members of the ancient Jötunn race, who originated from southern Norway in the mountain range called Jötunnheimen and that since then, they have spread all over Norway and reside in mountainous and densely forested areas.

South of Norway map with Hardangervidda at the bottom, Jotunnheimen next on top and then Dovre above it.
Image taken from http://www.welt-atlas.de/map_of_south_norway_1-862
This is confirmed by the government troll hunter, who tells us that the troll territories include Jötunnheimen, Hardangervidda, and Dovre in the south of Norway (see circled areas in map on left) and Finnmarksvidden in the north of Norway (see circled area in map below).

North of Norway map showing the Finnmarksvidden area at the tip of Norway.
Image taken from http://www.welt-atlas.de/map_of_north_norway_1-864

Life span

Trolls live for 1,000 - 1,200 years, so can be very old. The gestation period for a troll is 10-15 years and they usually have only one child.


Generally, the Norwegian trolls resemble giant humans. They are extremely tall and their bodies are covered in fur and tangled matted hair, which is filled with burrs and twigs. Often they have exaggerated and deformed facial features such as jutting lower jaws, protruding brows, long bulbous noses and can have up to 3 heads. Trolls also have claws and fangs. Usually, they are indistinguishable from the surrounding trees, rocks and thickets. Their movement is quite slow and they signal their arrival with snorts and grunts. They don't talk or wear clothes, unlike what some legendary stories claim.

Troll types

More specifically, there are two main types of trolls - mountain trolls and forest trolls, who have been known to engage in stone-throwing battles. These include the following subtypes.


A mountain troll of 50-100 metres in height.

Sighted: in caves in Dovre.    

Image taken from http://www.trollhunterfilm.com/
Giant mountain troll called Dovregubben standing in on snow  
                         Dovregubben troll


A forest troll who has 3 heads. Trolls are not born with 3 heads, they develop later in life. Only the main head has eyes. The other heads are not minds, only formations. They are apparently for scaring off other trolls or for impressing females.

Sighted: in the Jötunnheimen area. 

Image taken from http://www
Three-headed forest troll called a Tusseladd standing at night in forest
Tusseladd troll

The other subtypes of troll are called
Raglefantene, Rimtusse and Harding. More information about these will follow.