Jayson Atkinson

Wireless Communications Technician


For the past 20 years, Jayson has gained the knowledge and respect to be classified as an expert in the field of wireless communications. He has worked and become experienced in various roles within this field such as bench and field technician, design engineer through to project managing multimillion dollar Wireless Communications projects.

Skills and Knowledge

Jayson's skills and knowledge in the field of Wireless Communications is extensive and the list below displays some of his skills and knowledge that he gained but is not limited too:

Installation, Maintenance, Design and the Repair:

  1. Radio communications - Mobile, Portable and Base station Equipment/Infrastructure
  2. Data Multiplexing and switching Equipment
  3. Power distribution and battery backup systems
  4. Landline and PTSN interface equipment e.g 4/2 wire E&M circuits
  5. Transmission Antenna, Feeder, Filtering and Lightning protection

Project Management

Employment History

Over the 20 years Jayson has worked in this industry, He has gained experience in both private and public workforce. These include:

Metro Communications
Radio Technician

NSW Police
Technical Officer, Design Engineer, Project Manager and Engineer

Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW
Field Technician

Sydney Trains
Technical Specialist, Design Engineer and Maintenance Engineer