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ITC 212 - Internet Technologies

Personal Portfolio

Hello! It's nice to meet you

My name is Jake Austin and I do IT things.

I'm currently a student at Charles Sturt University studying in the IT field and am looking to make my mark in the world

IT is my passion, I love everything to do with it and for as long as I can remember it's been a part of my life

I specialise in Programming and Application Development; but thats not all I can do! I've studied and have experience in Networking, Project Management, Customer Support, Game Development, IT Ethics and Trending Technologies - such as Virtualisation, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

Now that we're introduced, here is a little bit more about me and my work. Feel free to browse.

My work

In 2015 as part of our subject's Major Project, me and three others became a team and were asked to design and create a real program. This program was for a real stakeholder with a real business. This project took two years to develop.

We designed The Patient Management System to offer a number of financial and operational benefits for a business. Some of these benefits include;

  • Increased efficiency and productivity - managing patient files and scheduling appointments will be a quicker and more streamlined process.
  • Automated text messaging will reduce the staff workload.
  • Increased online presence - A new and improved website will be an enjoyable experience for patients and the inclusion of an online portal will give patients more immediate control over their personal details and the documents they wish to share with the business.
  • The inclusion of smart phone and tablet accessibility will also improve the online experience for patients.
  • Improved profits - With less time spent manually completing manual administrative tasks, this software will free staff up to focus more on patient care.
  • The extra time made available by the software will result in more appointments - which in turn, results in an increased business revenue.

Below is a demonstration video of what the Patient Managment Team was able to acheive:


I'm currently a student at Charles Sturt University studying Bachelor of Information Technology with a major in Software Design & Development

My undertaken subjects are:

  • ITC303 Software Development Project 1
  • ITC309 Software Development Project 2
  • ITC206 Programming in Java 1
  • ITC313 Programming in Java 2
  • ITC114 Database Management Systems
  • ITC301 IT Project Management
  • ITC358 IT Security
  • ITC262 Operating Systems
  • ITC209 Mobile Application Development
  • ITC108 Games 1 - Games Design
  • ITC205 Prof Programming Practice
  • ITC242 Data Com and Computer Networks
  • ITC254 Wireless Networks
  • ITC133 Customer Support Management
  • ITC331 Ethics and Prof Prac
  • ITC212 Internet Technologies
  • ITC105 Comunimation/Information Management
  • ITC161 Computer Systems
  • MGT100 Organisations and Management
  • ITC106 Programming Principles
  • ITC211 Systems Analysis
  • ITC322 Data Structures
  • ITC204 Human Computer Interaction
  • ITC314 Virtualisation Technologies


I have been working for over 2 years at The Reject Shop, currently in management

The Reject Shop is an Australian discount variety store chain with over 330 stores Australia-wide

During every working day I regularly perform the following:

  • Register Operations
  • Loss Prevention
  • Store Presentation and Cleanliness
  • Proven ability to meet sales targets
  • High level merchandising
  • Supervisory level stock management
  • Strong people management


Duke of edinborough - A youth development program, empowering young Australians to explore their full potential.

Development is monitored in four different sections:

  • Service - Voluntary activities within the community
  • Physical Recreation - Ecouraging a healthly lifestyle through fitness and wellbeing
  • Skills - Development of talent and progression in knowledge
  • and, Aventurous Journeys such as hiking, canoeing, camping for several days.

OZe Wildlife Ettamogah - a not for profit native wildlife sanctuary that belonged to the local community. The Sanctuary cared for native animals but also helped all visitors, especially the children, to appreciate how amazing our wildlife is.

RFS volunteer firefighter - the lead combat agency for bush fires in NSW and the largest volunteer fire service in the world. The Service aims to reduce the likelihood and consequence of fires occurring. This involves comprehensive risk management programs to reduce bush fire hazards, reduce fire ignitions and the development of regulations for bush fire prone areas.

CSU Future Moves - inspiring school students and young people from regional and rural areas to attend university through developing/hosting workshops in schools and events on camapus. Aaims to ensure that students can act on their aspirations in informed and effective ways, have a greater awareness of the opportunities that arise from pursuing university study and an understanding of how university might be part of their future, while making school studies more relevant.