The Truth

During 1990-1991 it is said that the hacker group Legion of Doom (LoD) and the Masters of Deception (MOD) were at war with one another. This will later be known as the Great Hacker Wars. It is alledged that these two groups made attempts to hack into and take control of each other’s computer networks and telephone networks in a series of attacks.

The Great Hacker Wars are denied by members of the two groups. In 1999 Michael Kore (Archangel) of PHIRM went on Art Bell's "Coast-to-Coast" radio show and stated that "it never happened, at least not the way most people say". In 2010 during a panel debut at The Next HOPE conference Mark Abene (Phiber Optik) of MoD also stated that the rumoured "gang war in cyberspace" between LoD and MoD never happened, and that it was just a complete fabrication by the US attorney’s office. To add to this two other high ranking members of LoD have also confirmed that the "Great Hacker War" never occurred, and that it was just a competition of one-upmanship between the two groups.

Regardless of whether or not The Great Hacker War did happen, there was a series of four key events that did seem to escalate one after the other, which can lead to one thinking that The Great Hacker War did infact occur.

Event One

The Great hacker war started with the closing of an invite-only bulletin board called "Fifth Amendment", the participants of this board were said to be some of the world's most successful hackers of the time. This bulletin board was being run by the newly reformed LoD, under the leadership of Chris Goggans ("Erik Bloodaxe") and Loyd Blankenship ("The Mentor").

John Lee ("Corrupt") a member of MoD was blamed for the closing of the bulletin board "Fifth Amendment", based off a cryptic message that was left to the users. In the cryptic message that was left behind John Lee claimed that the bulletin board was just a honey pot (a computer system that is set up as a kind of trap for hackers), they claimed that Chris Goggans (Eric Bloodaxe) a memeber of LoD and his friends were using the information that was being posted on this bulletin board in order to start up a security company, it is alledged they were doing this by contacting all the companies being discussed and letting them know about all the security flaws that where being posted to "Fifth Amendment".

Event Two

Chris Goggans got upset after a few prank phone calls were made to the home phone numbers of the new LoD members, this prompted Chris Goggans to put out a call in order to find out all the personal information of the members of MoD. At this point peacemakers intervened and a conference call was setup on an unnamed ROBC telephone bridge in the Midwest. During this conference call members of MoD silently joined into the call to which they overheard the members of LoD making racial slurs in order to describe the ethnicity of members of MoD. At which point the peace conference quickly degenerated into threats and prank calls being made to members of LoD, whose personal information had already been found by members of MoD.

Event Three

This can be seen as the event that started The Great Hacker Wars; it was where Chris Goggans uttered his famous phrase that began the war "MoD is nothing but niggers, spics, and white trash". That night prank calls began to flood Mark Abene's house.

Chris Goggans uttered this phrase during a last-minute, late night peace talk that was held between Chris Goggans and Mark Abene ("Phiber Optik") a member of MoD. Unknown to Chris Goggans at the time John Lee ("Corrupt") was also listening in on the conversation. Chris Goggans is said to of became angry that Mark Abene would not fulfil his numerous demands for the personal information of MoD members, and the hacking information that MoD held, which he considered property of LoD.

Event Four

Members of MoD used an undocumented remote headset feature of the DMS-100 phone switch that was local to Chris Goggans area in order to eavesdrop on his phone calls. This was done in order for MoD to determine his motives. From the conversations that MoD eavesdropped on they were able to confirm what they had suspected earlier, that Chris Goggans, Scott Chasin ("Doc Holiday"), and Jake Kenyon Shulman ("Malefactor") had in fact decided to form a security company called ComSec.


Did The Great War in cyberspace ever happen? Who knows, I wasnt there, all I can say for sure is that based off the facts it was a lot more then just a one-upmanship between the two groups, and things did seem to just keep escalating more and more after each event. In closing I will leave you with a link to an article that was published in Wired that is a first hand recollection of the events as seen through the eyes of one of the members of LoD [Wired - Gang War in Cyberspace]