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Sample text

With my work on the professional development committee I am an active participant in the respect that I help plan and provide high quality PD offerings in our district. I served on the team that researched and planned a series of in-service opportunities for my colleagues around Debra Pickerington and Robert Marzano’s book titled Strategies that Work.

The sub-committee worked with teachers to teach, discuss and plan the implementation of some of the strategies identified, collect student samples and then attend a second session to report and share achievement results on students based on these strategies. As you can see noted in the evidence provided, E1 is a summary chart of the primary findings with the targeted strategies and our plan for next steps. I created this chart for the presentation team to see their efforts unfold into actual student work samples. It was exciting to see our efforts demonstrated in improved student work based on the samples teachers shared. This evidence supports the ongoing efforts of learning for the team and how it relates to the learning across the district.

The committee was pleased with the overall results and in many cases the teachers wanted to keep on meeting to share their successes and to ask questions of other colleagues trying to implement the same strategy. I will continue to facilitate these sessions for district teachers.