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Internet of everything

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jagadeesh kotha age: 25 Electronics and communication 2010-2014
Masters Masters of information technology 2015-2017
Job experince Infosys 7months

My name is jagadeesh kotha, iam doing masters of information technology in charles sturt university. iam doing internet technologies in this semester. Iam very much intrested in this subject.My project on Internet of everythings..

Iam good at:

  1. Java
  2. Oracle
  3. PHP

Internet of Everything

Cisco defines the Internet of Everything (IoE) as the networked connection of people, process, data, and things. The benefit of IoE is derived from the compound impact of connecting people, process, data, and things, and the value this increased connectedness creates as “everything” comes online. IoE is creating unprecedented opportunities for organizations, individuals, communities, and countries to realize dramatically greater value from networked connections among people, process, data, and things. By comparison, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers simply to the networked connection of physical objects (doesn’t include the “people” and “process” components of IoE). IoT is a single technology transition, while IoE comprises many technology transitions (including IoT). Cisco estimates that 99.4 percent of physical objects that may one day be part of the Internet of Everything are still unconnected. Cisco predicts that $4.6 trillion of value will be “at stake” in the public sector over the next decade, driven by “connecting the unconnected” through the Internet of Everything. These connections can be people-to-people (P2P), machine-to-people (M2P), and machine-to-machine (M2M). (When the estimated $4.6 trillion in Value at Stake for the public sector is combined with the Value at Stake for the private sector — $14.4 trillion — the overall global IoE Value at Stake reaches $19 trillion.) .

Robust security capabilities (both logical and physical) and privacy policies are critical enablers of the Internet of Everything Economy. The IoE Value at Stake projections are based on increasingly broad adoption of IoE by public- and private-sector companies over the next decade. This growth could be inhibited if technology-driven security capabilities are not combined with policies and processes designed to protect the privacy of both company and citizen/customer information. IoE security will be addressed through network-powered technology: devices connecting to the network will take advantage of the inherent security that the network provides (rather than trying to ensure security at the device level). Privacy, on the other hand, will require that companies combine technology with effective processes and policies. To benefit from IoE, organizations will need to identify new privacy models that meet company/agency and customer/citizen expectations.

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