Art Attack 2


Art Attack 2

Welcome to the new Art Attack site - designed and managed by yours truly, Joel Markham.

This site was originally constructed as part of my work for MPI106 - Authoring and Designing Multimedia - at Charles Sturt University here in Wagga. In the spirit of the original Art Attack site, this one is also something of a personal web presence - if that's not too much of an oxymoron - as driven by my interest and involvement in the arts. But pleasingly, it's also broader in what it embraces than the original site. The site is currently undergoing its first major overhaul since its creation, and the luxury is, of course, that I no longer have to present the results for assessment. Yay!

Site Stats

This site was constructed on a Macintosh computer in Dreamweaver 4. It is best viewed with a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 - the latter is better, in my opinion - and works well with Internet Explorer 5. Outside these environments, there may be the odd aberration re the site's layout. Encouragingly, however, when I last viewed the site on one of the PCs at work - it was running Explorer 5.5 - everything was hanging together pretty well. The site was last updated on 23/01/03.

Behind The Scenes

If you'd like to take a behind-the-scences look at the trials and tribulations of bringing a site together, the button below will take you to a statement on that very subject. It was originally written as part of the uni assessment process.

Contacting Art Attack

If you'd like to contact me - Joel Markham - please do so via the Guest Book below or at this address.

Enjoy your stay.