My Favorite Things

The way I like to spend my time are:

Spending Time with Family

For more information on my family please click here

Playing Sport

I play

footy pic

After Sport I enjoy having a beer

I like:

  1. Boags
  2. Squires
  3. Carlton Draught
  4. I will try any beer at least once

Reading a good book

Books I have really enjoyed are:

  1. Magcian, Silverthorn and Darkness at Sethanon.
  2. A song of fire and ice (series)
  3. Books on Mythology - Greek, Norse, Egyptian etc.

I will read almost any book if I have the time

To see a table of my Favoutite movies, books, etc please click here


I would like to thank the following references for thier help in designing this website;

  1. "Authoring: hypermedia, formatting tools" tutorial by John Atkinson
  2. W3Schools website used to validate the files used to make this web site
  3. My photo libary to provide the images used on the website