My dog Sparky

Me and Sparky when he was a puppyMy name is Jennifer and this site is about my dog Sparky.

The first meeting with Sparky was when he was about 6 months old at my local RSPCA. In a pen with 4 other dogs, he walked up to me immediately and stuck his nose through the gate. Since he had already decided that I belonged to him, I had no choice but to bring him home. At first we had many problems, in particular, who the room and the bed belonged to. However as we both grew older and wiser, our relationship has settled into peaceful harmony.

Sparky has a friendly, easy-going nature except when strangers enter his territory. He likes to de-stress by lying on any soft surface but will accept the comfort of concrete. He knows how to use facial expressions to get what he feels is necessary to his wellbeing - particularly food. He is very loyal and loving which makes him an ideal companion.

SparkySparky's world consists of a medium sized house and a large yard. He doesn't go out much, preferring the comfort of the soft couch in the lounge room. He does, however, enjoy trips to the dump so he can say hello to his ancestor the dingo. Outside he likes to sun himself on the driveway. He does bark at all who pass by, which he likes to do from his secret hideaway in the garden, so that he can scare the living daylights out of them.








Rhodesian Ridgeback x Staffordshire Terrior x Dingo




Frequent skin problems and occasional ear problems.