James Yatras

Welcome to my portfolio

I'm located in Wollongong, south of Sydney, and am currently studying Information Technology at Charles Sturt University.

I've created this site to introduce myself and to showcase my existing and developing skills.

My current objectives

To build skills in the following areas

  1. Designing data systems
  2. Programming Computers
  3. Project Management
  4. Sketching Charts and Diagrams
  5. Developing Web pages
  6. Design and implement a computer network

Meeting My Objectives

During my current studies, I'll be undertaking a number of subject that will help me meet my objectives.
I've listed some of these below.

Core Subjects
Applications Development
Principals of Programming
Web Development
Data Communications and Networks
Systems Analysis and Design
Major(Software Development)
Client/Server Systems
Web Development II
Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented GUI Development
Data Base Systems
Computer Project 1: Analysis and Design
Computer Project 2: Development and Implementation

For more information about my current course: Batchelor of Information Technology