Portfolio: Kadison Campion

About Me


My name is Kadison Campion and I have been living in North Sydney for the past 8 months to gain employment in an IT company to begin my career in the industry, whilst working full time and studying at Charles Sturt University via Distance Education. I have found that my ability to be self-motivated and manage time proficiently is quite a unique personal trait that has allowed me to be career driven and strive to complete tasks to the highest level of quality as possible. With the experiences and global adventures that I have already gained, and wish to further enhance in the future, I believe this particular trait and motivation alongside many more will assist me in achieving my career, and personal goals.

This Portfolio is part of a HTML and CSS assessment for the Bachelor degree of Information Technology at Charles Sturt University. It is designed to show and provide a foundation of HTML and CSS techniques that have been taught throughout the duration of these related subjects. This foundational Portfolio will be a brief outline of what my goals and aspirations are, and the skills and knowledge I have developed academically.