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wel come to kinjal's photography Home

here we provide you a animal life photography which connect you towards the animal life also you can know their routine, their sweet & innocent movement and many more which you never observe in your day to day life. here my main goal with this website is to interduce some species which are very rare now a days which needs our help and lots of love.

Animals are the best and better friends of human they help human in many circumtancies so why not we reward them by our love and care so this is the website for the animals whom we need and who needs us.

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Images of wildlife animals.....

As you see there are many animals in picture whom always reason of your fear but as per cameramens point of view they might be the reason of your happiness and surprice so always remember one thing there are always two sides of everything its fully depends on you which one you chose among that.


About Me


As you know from my website that i am a photographer who loves capturing animals in her camera life which is very different from real one.

My journey with photograph is not from now its too long. when i was in 10 standard our school took us at Gir Forest National Park junagadh where first time i feel attachments with animal and my this attachment become my crave and i started to satisfied my crave by make my place among the photography career.

I did my Advanced Diploma in Photography from FX School Mumbai which offers upto a 15 month Advanced Diploma in Photography divided into two parts: Basic Photography and 4 Advanced Modules in Studio, Documentary, Image Manipulation and Fashion Portfolio Project.

After compliting of that course i did practice of my photography in mumbai's local areas and then after i was worked in a tour of wild life photographers at Jambuhoda Wildlife Sanctuary, panchmahal. where i got many chances to prove my self as a best photographer and its open many doors for my bright future.