With over 5 years of experience as an IT professional, my speciality has been networking.I have built my knowledge and experience in Network Design and Management, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, User Administration and the overall development of IT Strategies. Click here to view detailed Resume.
Educating the younger generation and distributing my knowledge has also been a part of my routine during the last 3 years. My mentoring speciality comes from my love for Math and being with the youngsters which has made me understand the student challenges and their knowledge levels. Connect with me for help and assistance in subject areas of Math and IT.
Photography is my obsession and the camera is my part-time lover, capturing each and every precious moment that’s caught by my creative eye. My collection is a mixture of nature, portraits, special moments and people. Enjoy the gallery of my work here .
Wild nature consumes the remaining free time of mine and makes me travel to different places exploring new areas I haven’t seen before. Wild trails and mountain hiking are enjoyed the most and collected on my book of memories.


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