Sydney is the one of the most attractive cities in the world, flourished with its beauty, vibrancy and colours. I am an amateur photographer from Sydney. Here, I present few photos of Sydney and its suburbs. This could be useful for you when you visit Sydney, to understand local interests and attractions. You can browse through various photos of city, buildings and landscapes. All the photos are taken with HTC 2PS5200 camera (HTC X9). To know more about the precise location of the pictures and to know about me, you can follow my details from footer or here.

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Some of the famous buildings in Sydney are Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Queen Victoria Building and Sydney Tower. These are the identity of Sydney. Thousands of tourists visit Opera House and Harbour Bridge every day. Number of visitors reach peak in the summer in Australia, mainly in the month of December.


Sydney is famous for beaches. Bondi beach is popular. City Harbour, Circular Quay, Manly and Freshwater are some of honourable mentions.


Sydney is the one of the famous cities in the world, gifted with advanced technologies and facilities. Fast transportation and high communication standards make the city lively. Local walk-ways are the best way to explore city in detail.


Sydney's passion for art is famous. Vivid Sydney was an event in the months June and July. It coloured Sydney and made fiery. When you walk through streets, you can see a piece of art in every corner, as a statue, picture or graffiti.