Hi, I'm Karan Singh Kalkat.
A software developer.

A Little About Myself

My History My Influences My Dreams
I grew up in India and throughout my early years, technology and computers intrigued me to learn and explore more. I did my schooling in Jaipur,rajasthan and then moved over to Australia for my tertiary education at CSU Bathurst. In today's world, the increasing pace at which new technology is being discovered and implemented has inpired me to explore more. What once was looked upon as impossible or a miracle, can now easily be achieved with technology. I aspire to work in Google™ and help make the world a better place.

Skills Spotlight

Leadership Design Thinking Teamwork Communication Technical Skills
In order to lead a group of people, it is crucial to understand their individual needs and goals. Through various leadership roles, I have developed the ability to identify and respond to the emotional needs of a team. By facilitating constructive discussions, I can create a space of trust, which results in team members feeling appreciated and motivated. The real world is full of messy and complicated problems. By engaging in a practice that supports early failure, iteration, and input from multiple perspectives, I have learned to develop creative solutions to a variety of complex problems. By taking on an empathetic approach to problem-solving, I can develop a clear understanding of user's individual needs. True collaboration involves not only the sharing of perspectives, but the integration of multiple viewpoints. By learning to identify and value this diversity, I have been able to effectively collaborate with teams to produce work that crosses disciplinary boundaries. I see each new teamwork experience as an opportunity to expand my perspective and begin to think in new ways. Effective communication is the glue that holds a team together. When engaging in decision-making, I can clearly and precisely articulate my opinions. By actively listening and responding to the thoughts of my team, I am able to provide common-ground solutions aimed at cooperation. Remaining open and empathetic has allowed me to comprimise more effetively.
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Git Version control
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Office


Hello, I am Karan & am currently a second year Computer Science (Bachelor's) Student at Charles Sturt University Bathurst. The primary reason I decided to choose this degree was my interest in learning more about the way hardware and software interact with each other and allow us to accomplish a vast multitude of tasks in the present day. Since beginning my studies, I have taken a range of courses and been involved in a program that brings together students from a consortium of schools, providing me with a better foundation for my future in industry. The courses I have taken have required me to apply what I learned in class to real world applications through projects and assignments.


My experience from working in the hospitality industry has allowed me to develop excellent employability skills that can easily be transferred to a multitude of job environments. While working in the industry and as the vice-captain of a sub-school, I have acquired outstanding communication and leadership skills along with the ability to prioritise and work in a fast paced environment with minimal or no supervision. Feedback from my employers is that I have a commendable ability to work in a team and individually, to achieve set outcomes and willingness to learn and develop professionally.