This is a header

The article needs a heading

This is a article in the header.
with a second line in the same paragraph.

This is section

This is a article that is a heading 2

This is a text element

This is a italic paragraph with a strong element .

This is a small paragraph.

this is a big paragraph with a few different text elements in it.
this element is in a different font to this element.
this element has a different color to this element that is in the same font.
while this line has this element is in a different font and color to this element.

this is a cognitive Hazard inline image.

Character encoding.


This is a list (unordered).

A list of sword blade cross section types

  • Diamond
  • Hollow Ground
  • Hexagonal
  • Thickened Diamond
  • Lenticular
  • Fuller
  • Double Fuller
  • Broad Fuller