Who Am I?

I "KIRAN RANA MAGAR" is a 25 year old man from the western part of Nepal. who has a keeen interest on playing football. I had played several local-level-cup games. I had been nominated as best player in 3 tournament cups and selected on the national player on So if any company or club is looking for a good midfielder then I will be your choice. Please contact me for contract.

Rana Kiran,
I am curently a member of —
  1. International Football Association club
  2. of Nepalese Football Association Club
  3. SAARC(ASIA) Football Association Club


A quote by Me

I started playing football when I was a kid. I remember one day, there was a game on my nearby area and my friend invited me to play, we played a match and I was being told by everyone that I played well, that was the first motivation in my life. Then I started playing and playing and my career in the football is keep going. I had beeen inspired by the one of the most famous footballer
Christaino Ronaldo, Portugal I am looking for good sponsor company from where I can show my skills If you would like to contact me then
Rana Kiran,