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My name is Lachlan Brown.

I'm currently a student studing at Charles Sturt University.

I have always been passionate about Information and Technology (IT) and want to pursue a career in a field I love.

I am currently studying to spealicse in many areas of IT such as programming, networking and business management. I thrive in a team environment and I am confident in delivering the best possible and most accurate service to customers.

That is just a brief summary of myself. Please feel free to continue reading about me more below.


In 2014 I successfully completed my HSC at Wagga Wagga High School. Completing the HSC has lead me to CSU where I am currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology.

My subjects that I have completed so far include:

  • ITC 105 Communication and Information Managment
  • ITC 106 Programming Priciples
  • ITC 114 Introduction to Database Sytems
  • ITC 133 Customer Support Management
  • ITC 161 Computer Sytems
  • ITC 211 System Analysis
  • ITC 212 Internet Technologies

I also have completed my HSC in 2014 and my School Certifcate in 2012.


Upon graduating 4 years ago, I have since been employed through several positions that include working in and around the IT field.

I have been involved with a company that was in charge of organising and making sure that local businesses do not go without having support for the Point Of Sale (POS) systems. This has been a very rewarding job and has provided me with skills that help not just my IT skill, but everyday life skills. Some of these skills include;

  • Time Management & Problem Solving - Making sure that i am able to manage my time with clients and get the problem resolved as quickly and descretly as possible.
  • Organisation and Task Assignment - I am able to organise and coordinate groups of individuals or teams. i am able to assign them to complete jobs in a timely and orderly fashion.
  • Programming - This include promgramming in Python, C++ and Java, then implenting that into a executable file for clients to use.

I have also worked for Dicksmith Electronics and Harvey Norman Computers Department. Both Dicksmith Electronics and Harvey Norman have given me the ability to further my knowledge of computers, as well as providing outstanding customer service, ensuring that a customer leaves satisfied with their purchase.


Student Tutor Assitant

This was a early education program for young minds interested in technology. What was involved:
  • Tutoring - If they had any trouble in class using computers or Ipads.
  • Device Set up - Setting the systems up and making it easier for them to use the device and further their knowlegde from a young age.
  • Troubleshooting - This involved fixing any hardware issue for the students and teachers. Also correcting any software issues as well.