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The Life of a Gamer

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Some pictures of myself
Here is a picture of myself and my fiance Here is a picture of me when I was 15 at that arcade

Hi my name is Lee and I am a Gamer.

Thanks to these resources I was able to create this website dedicated to those people who are passionate about gaming. Welcome to my website, here you will learn a little about me, the genres I play and some of my experiences with gaming. This is a website thats not only dedicated to the people out there that play the games but also those who live the lifestyle of a true gamer. I have been a gamer since I was 5 years old dominating duck hunt and zelda, schooling the neighbouring kids any game I could get my hands on. I come from a small town called Gladstone in Queensland, there wasn't much of a gamer scene there but the small community of gamers there were dedicated and highly skilled. It wasnt until later in my life I was able to experience some great gaming in cities like Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. I joined the army in late 2008 and have since learned that there is a growing interest in gaming which I have come to be a part of over the years.

My first real taste of Pro'dom was when I was 15 years old and I went down to visit my extended family in Toowoomba, QLD. Being 15, I didn't want to waste my weekend not playing video games so I ventured to the local arcade. Within a minute of walking in I found a dozen games I loved to play and started on the closest one to me. As I worked my way around the arcade I found the motherload, the most beautiful sight to behold. A full competition sized Tekken Tag arcade machine with the biggest screens I had ever seen. I had been playing tekken 2 and tekken 3 almost every weekend with my friend who really was the only person to give me a challenge since I was 12 so for me this was a big deal. Tekken Tag hadn't even been released on Playstation 2 yet but it had all my favourite characters from the Tekken franchise. I watched the glory of the winning players as they watched their opponent try to shrug off a humilating defeat while eagerly reaching into their pocket for another dollar to shove into the coinslot for that 1 more chance to win again. When it was finally my turn there was no-one behind me and the 2 guys who were playing both walked off at the same time so I walked up and put that dollar in to verse the AI. I was about half a round in when I first got challenged. It was one of the guys who had lost their games before, perhaps they had a chance against me. This was the first time I ever versed someone who wasnt my friend so I didnt mess around. I chose Eddie and Jin, my 2 best characters.

In the first game I was still working out the controls as my opponent to procede to throw down everything on me, having never played tekken in an arcade pad before it was even more challenging. I lost my first round to this guy and I could tell he was happy with the result having spent almost 10 dollars without such a result earlier. I shrug it off and wait for round 2 to begin as now I knew how to tag and the controls I surprised both myself and my opponent by successfully completing Eddie Gordo's 10 hit combo annihilating my opponent as he tries to get off his back I strike him with two flip-two-footed stomps finishing him off. He was in awe as his second character comes out to face my eddie with full hp already in motion of a roundhouse combo striking my opponent hard in the face and knocking him to the ground and as I continued to juggle my opponent he continued to slam the buttons and rage. I quickly switch to JiN and decide to be cheap and spam his 4 spinning kick combo allowing zero time or space for my opponent to move. Eventually he makes the mistake and I succeed in getting a double flawless victory.

That game managed to draw a cround from how much the other guy was raging so they all wanted to see what was happening. Alot of the onlookers were impressed with what they saw in the third round and the older guy who had been dominating players previously decided to give me a game. I beat him 6 times before he got the better of me forcing him to pay 6 dollars and after the last game he asked me if I was attending the tournament the next day. I had no idea about the tournament but having thought about the glory once again I said yes. There was a turnout of about 40 people the next day. I was among the younger of the crowd, some as old as their late 30's and my first opponent was some young kid. First round was a pushover with my opponent being the little brother of one of the other guys there and was only in it for fun. I had another 10-15 matches before making the semi final against the guy who told me about the tournament.

I knew he would have been expecting the same plays from yesterday so I waited for him to pick his characters. He picks Bruce and Paul, 2 heavy counters for eddie. Those character are both slow, I think to myself so I pick 2 of the faster characters, Kunimitsu and Hwoarang, surprising him. I come out of my corner all guns blazing launching kicks all over the place, the slower Paul and even slower Bruce having a tough time even hitting me. I learn a few new tricks Kunimitsu has gained since tekken 2 including one where she dissappears then drops from the top of the screen stabbing down with 2 daggers, an extremely good counter attack which I used with devastating accuracy. The round was all but over with both of my characters barely half HP when the second round begins. I learn another counter attack of kunimitsu where she stays stil but flurrys her daggers around countering anything that hits her and knocking them to the ground. Now I had an amazing counter attack, which I combo'd with the dissapear and drop stab attack move every time he tried to attack me. His characters being slow and sluggish this made it extremely easy for me.

The second fight we had he decided to shock me by choosing eddie gordo and Jin, the same 2 characters I defeated him 6 times with the previous day. I grinned at him as I chose the best counters in my opinion for those characters, having played my friend for 3 years he knew how to counter me when I played eddie and how to counter me when I played Jin, so I borrowed mt friends technique. I chose armor king and ganryu, two etremely underplayed characters, in fact I was the only player in the tournament to pick ganryu for a round. Ganryu is slow but he is a sumo, sitting low and having the majority of his attacks hitting medium and low. Having said that when eddie had his string combo's going I shut him down every time with ganryu's medium to low combos. This Frustrated my opponent and he brings out jin and starts unleashing his spinning kicks combo. I manage to get a well timed throw on him and switch to armor king. King has a couple of attacks which are uninterruptable, while you still take damage you can take down your opponent. Having said that when Jin was spinning all over the place and kicking, I timed my attack and BOOM, knocks him out of mid air and he takes too long getting up allowing me to grapple him and get a triple grapple combo on him. I finished the round looking good and was in the final fight against a guy who was 17, in grade 12. He must have got lucky in his other fights because he played 2 of the most obvious strategy rounds using law with backflip spam and hwoaraing with his fast combo kicks putting alot of pressure on opponents. I played my original line-up dominating him both matches with a cheer of the 15 or so people left over and won a month worth of free game time. I was leaving the next day so I walked up to the little kid I versed in the first round seeing him a little bored and upset, it was his brother who was in the final round. I handed him the 1 month free game time and said "Maybe next time it will be you and me hey?" he looked up at me and said yeah thanks!.

This is the Facet of being a gamer I would like to advertise, I have all the respect in the world for other gamers that know their genre, know their role in a game, research methods to improve their playstyle and people who genuinely seek to improve their knowledge. Where I lack the patience of the capability to withhold my opinion is where people wrag on gamers of a different genre because they simply aren't into that genre or dont understand or havent taken to time to be good at it, are lazy in their approach to researching strategies and therefore don't improve and people who act and talk as if they are the best when in actual fact they are terrible, these are the people that I associate the derogative term, "noob". So wrag on us gamers all you want, but know this, you're nothing to me but a noob.

The genres of games out there that remain true to the life of a gamer and true to the humble beginnings of the revolution of that which is gaming are:

Here is a list of the most common Gamer terms just in case you're a little hazy on a few of them

Newb, Newbie or Nub
This is a term used to explain to another player the low skill level of another player due to their lack of exposure to the game. EG Hey Lichfist that sniper is a nub.
Noob or N00B
A derogative term for a player who has had plentiful exposure to a game they play but has yet to develop any real form of high skill level due to their inability to develop talent. These players are often narcicistic and believe they do indeed have a high skill level but they cannot fool a truly skilled player into thinking so. EG That noob sniper isn't listening to reason.
A player of such low skill level that the game is ruined due to unbalanced teams. Note: It only takes one of these players to ruin a game. EG That sniper scrub has done nothing all game.
A player of significant skill level in their chosen genre of expertise, usually 3 or more years in experience in their game of choice and has the capability to represent themself well in professional play. Note: One does not have to prove themselves in a tournament before being known as "PRO". One just have to attain a skill level far surpassing that of the casual gamer. EG No I'm not playing you, you're pro.
A killing spree achieved by a player usually of 9 or more. Can also be used to explain a players performance in a game as beyond human capacity. EG How did he just do that? He's gone godlike!.

For more definitions check out Fact Monster's Gamer Dictionary.

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