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  • Nothing is better than the real world to put your theories and knowledge into practice. So after considering few jobs I started my career as an IT Executive at Antler Holdings (Pvt) Ltd in 2014. Antler Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a group of companies. It kept me busy all the time with servers and firewalls. The more I learned about servers and networks the more it attracted me. I kept digging and leaning about networks until the day it came into my mind saying why not to have a career in Network Security. As Network Security is the most important part in the field of Network, it directly pushes me to look for a Master degree which I can specialized in Network Security. To achive my dream I applied Australian student visa, and resigned from my career and came to Australia. so now I am currently follwong MSc in IT at Charles Sturt University - Australia as an International student.

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