A Little bit about me...

I grew up in NSW Wagga Wagga and have lived locally all my life, I finished my high school education at The Riverina Anglican College (TRAC) on the 7th of November 2017. I am currently employed in 2 part jobs, Foodworks and Kmart which I enjoy and work casual in-between my university studies, my hobbies include video games, music, coding and drawing. I have a special interest in virtual technologies and game development.

The university course I am currently undertaking is a bachelor of computer science with specialisation at Charles Sturt University which im enjoying throughly, my favorite thing about university life is the flexibility of studying in your own time, which you can manipulate depending on other life commitments like leisure and work. The course is interesting and I have learned many different ways to approach a real life software problem with the skills I have gained, as of now I am confident in the coding languages Python, HTML/CSS and Java.

I love meeting people that work in the IT industry and learning how it operates in the real world, if you have experience in IT I would love to discuss the intricacies of IT project development and practice, shoot me an email in the "Contact info" tab!