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I really love photography. I love taking photos, I love visiting photography exhibitions and I love talking about photography with friends, but as with most creative activities, I find my inspiration and drive comes in bursts. The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

I'm sure photographers of all skill levels will agree that sometimes it can be a real struggle to find the inspiration to get those ‘killer' shots. It's sometimes taken for granted, but inspiration truly sits at the heart of all great photography and, for many keen photographers, this is where much of the value of travel lays.

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It's probably fair to say that I've never been one of life's natural planners but when it comes to travel photography, there is definitely value in forward thinking; especially if you're only planning a short stay.


About Me


As you know from my website that i am a Travel Photographer who loves capturing different and beautiful places in his camera life which is very different from real one.

My journey with photography is not from now its too long. when i was in 10th standard our school organized a trip to south part of india when i started to take pictures and then onwords it bacames my dream to become a photoghrapher.

I did my Advanced Diploma in Photography from Film Fox School,Hyderabad which offers upto a 15 month Advanced Diploma in Photography divided into two parts: Basic Photography and 4 Advanced Modules in Studio, Documentary, Image Manipulation and Fashion Portfolio Project.

I did my Bachelor's in Electornics and communication in RVR & JC College in Guntur.