Introduction to my Website

This website is here to outline 2 of my interests, what they are and how they have helped me in developing my skills and ultimately my direction in life I sort to undertake.

The Call of Duty series is synonymous with millions of gamers around the world. It is a First Person Shooter that has spanned 10 years and 9 games, featuring many depictions of historic and fictional war scenarios, but it is more famous for its Online Multiplayer. Ive been involved in the CoD Mapping and Modding Community for over 9 years now and this website is dedicated to telling my story.

In this website I cover 2 topics that enable community members to create believable worlds and unlimited possibilities within the Editor Tools for the Call of Duty Series and the part I played in shaping some of those communities.

Topics I will talk about include:

  • CoD Radiant (Level Design Tools)
  • CoD Script and coding for the Call of Duty Series
  • My contributions to the Mapping and Modding Community
  • How CoD has impacted my life choices

I hold a firm belief that anyone can create, finding a medium to do so is the first step and sharing my knowledge and understand to those that wish to learn how to Map/Mod for the Call of Duty series is one of my passions.

Tutorials for Mapping and Modding in any game from the Call of Duty Series can be found at the Mappers United Wiki, hosted by ModsRepository.