Melissa's Website

Welcome to Melissa's website. This website, will be a brief run down about my interest and loves

My name is Melissa, I am a wife, a mother to a very active 15 month old son named Ethan, I work part-time as a high school TAS teacher and am studying computer science part-time at Charles Sturt Univerity. To make my life any busier, we have just bought our first home and are full swing into renovation mode. This little website, will talk about my one passion, which unfortunately seems to be difficult to fit into my life with a busy household.

I have always had a passion for food. Whether it is eating, looking at pictures in magazines, or attempting to make amazing dishes seen from television shows, the need and desire to cook for loved ones is one of my great loves. This website will give you an idea of one of the recipes that I love to cook. It has become one of my families favourite Sunday breakfast dishes. When pancakes are made in our household, we are able to all come together, share many great memories, stories and much needed laughter. I hope that the below recipe can create some great memories for your family too!