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Welcome to the Speech SPACE website!

Here you will find speech pathology resources designed for educational settings. These resources have been developed by the Riverina Schools Project Partnership.

The Riverina Schools Project Partnership was formed in 2005 to explore opportunities for collaborative engagement between speech pathologists, educators and the community by utilising a speech pathology student workforce. Very different to the traditional 1:1 method which is most commonly associated with speech pathology, the Schools Project develops resources to help schools promote communication skills and opportunities across curriculum areas.

The Riverina Schools Project Partnership, which was initially developed to address the needs of a regional NSW town, now presents a collection of the resources for use by educators in more remote settings. The resources illustrated are best used to provide concept ideas and frameworks for schools to modify for their own need rather than "off the shelf" resources.


Recent trips to schools and preschools in the Central West of NSW have yielded great information for the commencement of this website.