ITC216 Assignment 1 Part C

The application being developed for the client (Superior IT) has an "About Us" section, the details of which includes their location and relaxed, fun corporate culture. An image was photographed by the developer (Matt Etherington) to better illustrate this information.

The image on the left is the original digital photograph, taken by the developer with a Nokia 6600 cellphone at 640x480x24bit and stored as a JPEG. The image on the right is the same image after digital post-processing and enhancement. The steps taken to produce the final image (using Paint Shop Pro 7) are listed after the images.

Digital image of Bribie Island before enhancement Digital image of Bribie Island after enhancement
  1. Clarify, strength 5
  2. Unsharp Mask, radius: 2.00, strength: 100, clipping: 5
  3. Automatic Saturation Enhancement, bias: More Colourful, strength: Strong, no skintones present
  4. Automatic Contrast Enhancement, bias: Lighter, strength: Mild, Appearance: Natural
  5. Unsharp Mask, radius: 2.00, strength: 60, clipping: 5
  6. Used Clone Brush to replace a footpath on the left with grass and to touch-up imperfections (eg. specular highlights) in the grass
  7. Cropped image to eliminate extraneous details and tighten focus on areas of interest
  8. Added text as a new vector layer on top of the bitmap
  9. Converted vector layer to raster and added a drop shadow to the text
  10. Exported image to JPEG using JPEG Optimizer with compression/quality ratio of 50%, and format set to Progressive

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