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Who is Michael Gill

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Some people who visit this site might recognize me, or know me, for those who don't my name is Michael Gill.

I was born on the 24th June, 1988 at the Adventist Hospital at Turramurra to Mr. Denis John Gill and Mrs. Sylvia Glynis Gill.

Until I was 8 I lived in the suburb of Galston situated in Sydney with my 2 sisters, Helen and Laura, and my parents. When my parents finally separated I went to live with my Mum in Glenorie. 6 months later I decided that I was no longer happy living with my Mum and so returned to my Dad who remained in Galston untill the end of that year. The following year my Dad, Nan and I moved to Parkes where I remained until half way through 2007. In the later half of 2007 I moved out of home and went to live in Condobolin, about 1 hour's drive from Parkes. This move was prompted by a job offering from a local council, Lachlan Shire Council, for a position in their IT department, where I currently work doing uni work by night.

To this point I have been through many different schools, due mainly to bullying, including:

  • Galston Public School;
  • Middle Dural Public School;
  • Parkes Public School; and
  • Parkes High School.

I would describe myself as a person who is friendly and dedicated to work and to friends while being very easy going. I currently enjoy working out at the Gym, playing computer games, watching TV and movies and reading books.

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