The coffee coder ®

We provide solutions

Our Introduction

The Coffee Coder is an IT company found in 2017 by a group of young IT graduates. The idea behind the comonay was to found an organization to provide employment to youth and too support IT professionals by building a strong platform for them to work.

Our Aim

The coffee coders aim is to Introduce a cheap and efficent solutions in the field of IT such as Cyber secourity solutions, Web based solutions, Mobile app development and much more. Our team consist of ambitious professional who wants to excel and are committed to work.
For more information about The coffee coders, visit this The coffee coders.

The CEO message

In Our company we work as a team not as an individual. We have a very good and friendly environment in our company where evvery one is given an opportunity to share his/her ideas. In our company we use oopen door policy so every the access the boss room with ease. We are always in hunger of good professionals which are highly passionate towards their work wants to excel.

Our professionals consist of

We have highly qualified team consist of:
  1. System Analyst
  2. SOftware developers
  3. Web Application developers
  4. Networking professionals
  5. Adobe photoshop designers