Professional Summary
As a Customer Service Operator I have over 2 year experience in a Customer Service Focused Environment with excellent communication skills to deliver high standard of service resulting in customer satisfaction and retention. I am quite comfortable working in fast paced environments with the ability to think quickly and successfully.
Client: Caltex Star mart (Manly & Brookevale)
Position: Customer Service Representative
Dates: Mar 2014 –Nov 2015

Job Description

  • Provide high standard service to customers;
  • Cash handling and electronic transfer of funds transaction;
  • Working in high volume customer service area;
  • Accept payments and provide receipts for the goods and services provided;
  • Making orders for stock on daily basis;
  • Maintaining the store without any supervision;
  • Ongoing promotional sales;
  • Logging complaints from the customers and providing a detail to manager;
  • Being vigilant and making sure the site is safe and secure from Fire Hazards.


Superior Communication, interpersonal, multi-tasking, problem solving skills
Energetic, Innovative, flexible, and self-motivated team player.
Excel in both Independent and team work environments, a proven ability to ‘hit the targeted goals’ and quickly become successful in a new environment
Driven to learn and apply new ideas and skills, creative and able to think laterally
Experienced in balancing priorities for short term and long-term goals
Expertise in face-to-face customer service, cash handling, facing busy situation, being a team leader organizing the team
Excellent customer focus, with the ability to quickly form enduring relationships and customer service