Welcome, my name is Muhammad Najeeb. I did Bachelors of software Engineering from Islamabad, Pakistan.Currently i am doing Masters in Information Technology from Sydney, Australia. who loves to write software to build great products and help businesses succeed with their goals. I Want to excel in the field of software engineering. Further advancements in future regarding to this and to Up-Grade myself as a Professional by using Training, Experience & Knowledge to meet the challenges of the modern times and to enhance the success of any organization.

I have been working professionally in software development since 2014 till 2016 in the web and mobile spaces with experience across the finance, School and Cricket game domains. I also have a six months experience of game development


2017 to dateMasters in Information Technology
2012-2016Bachelor of Software Engineering
2007-2009Secondry School Certificate (Metric) in Science


  • Leadership Skills (Always group leader of Labs work and Project tasks).
  • Managerial skills like planning, organization and time management.
  • Excellent communicational skills, Goal- oriented and self motivated.
  • Able to do documentation and analysis.
  • Hardworking and able to work under pressure also.

Comupter Softwares

  1. Computer Information System and Comupter Software;s expert
  2. Proficient in Development Softwares (C/C++/VB.Net/Asp.Net, Advanced java, Android, PHP, Unity(C Scripting, Java Scripting),SQL server,Bootstrap, Foundation, MySql, Javascript, JQuery)
  3. Operating Systems: Windows 98/200/XP/ios/Linux/Vista/Win 7/Ubuntu.(Installation + Troubleshooting).
  4. Proficient in MS Office Automation and Internet Tools.
  5. Programming Concept of languages. (Structural, Object Oriented, .Net framework 4.0, PHP Api's)