Welcome to my website about me and stuff!

My Portfolio

My 3D Work

Over the years I have created a bunch of random things. Just have a look:

Here are some pictures of some guitars that I modelled in 3ds Max when I was in high school. Click any of the images for a full view.

Jet King Jet King 2 Jet King 3 Jet King 4 Jet King with background Strat

F1 Racer This is a lego F1 Racer that I, once again, modelled in 3ds Max when I was in high school. To make it, I downloaded models of each of the individual pieces (and fixed many of them!) and then followed the instruction book on how to assemble the car.


During my time at TAFE in the Digital Media subject, I took a few photos for the 5 meter radius project. The project required students to take photos of things within a 5 meter radius of some place, then edit those photographs in photoshop. Then we were tasked with creating a flash application to showcase those photos. I can't show you the flash application (it's too big to be hosted here) but here are some photos from it. Click for a full view:

Beach Beach2 Beach2 Creek Creek Creek

My Interests

Computer Graphics
I have taught myself and used various software tools such as Adobe Flash and 3D Studio Max and am beginning to learn to use Blender (a 3D modelling tool).
I am currently learning to draw to improve my creative skills. It is also because I have found that not being able to draw has been quite a major obstacle for things I have tried to do in the past (such as computer graphics).
I am taking my first real step into electronics through the use of the Arduino Experimentation Kit.
I have an interest in making and playing music and am currently learning to play the guitar for which I am receiving lessons.
Single player & online/multi-player with my friends.
Software development
I enjoy programming and learning to create software. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Java through my course at university and am interested in learning other languages such as C++ and Assembly (machine code).
Due to the inherent stepwise similarity and strong partnership with more advanced programming, I also enjoy learning about maths. I consider myself largely unfamiliar with the language of maths, and I want to gain a better understanding.


About This Website

This website was created entirely with notepad for Assignment 3 of the subject 'ITC212 - Internet Technologies' at Charles Sturt University.

The instructions of this assignment was to include certain things such as: