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Mridul Ummat

  • introduction

    i am mridul ummat i am from Punjab(india) now doing masters in infomartion technology from charles sturt university . i am a freelancer photographer , gym instructor , web designer and national badminton player.

  • qualification

    i did my intermediate from saint joseph convent college (2013) and graduation in computer applications in 2103-2016 , in between got certification of professional photography,personal trainer .now i am doing masters in information technology.

  • experience

    worked as assistant manager at IBM solutions for 6 months. After getting certification in photography I did portfolios as well. i have got management skills as well. like stock,money handling because I used to handle my own business. Last but not the least GYM . I worked as trainer in my home country . I used to give personal trainings, diet plans, exercise schedules . I worked for Australia post and do all management there now I am a manager at coles.