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Memorable days

The most enjoyed and lovable days of my life...

My First Project Team

The most valuable people of my career. The people who gave confidence and support in my first project. Which is helping me till date.As they are my best buddies in bachelor's

People whom I miss in my home country

My adventure partners...! People who always back me in my cons and pros. All my Aussie live will be unsartisifactory without your adventures, parties, hangouts, longdrives, funny pranks. Miss u all....!

New life in Aussie

New place, new people, new profession still i was blessed to find these folks.


playing kabadi, cricket, singing, reading autobiographies, watching horror and biopic movies, stuffing internet, drive long on highways, bike races.

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Im my point of view, every planned person has two goals in his life. My primary goal is to complete my MIT with a good grade and attain a job which is related to my study and experiance. My long term goul is to launch IT consulting ang servies company.

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I am one of the Microsoft Technical Associate.(MTA) and MCP in Progress

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