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Noman Ahmed Khan is the founder of NAK. He is a successful software engineer with a background in web development. He is a young, diligent, motivated individual encompassing a range of qualities making him unique and endearing.

NAK is a brand. A brand of professionalism, of technology, of modernism, of quality. NAK has successfully collaborated with numerous companies and businesses in contracts to further their brands with high end marketing, web development and software engineering qualities with affordability, efficiency and excellence, satisfying all parties.


Noman Ahmed Khan, the brain behind the brand, has excelled in his studies at Charles Sturt University and certifications via Coursera. He has worked alongside the brightest and the best in fields of software development and web development. He has international experience contracting in countries of Canada, USA, Australia, UAE and Pakistan. Listed are certifications, degrees and acknowledgements below:


Cricket is his passion. When he isn’t in front of the computer, he is out in the field. Noman is full of adventures and travels which are reflected in his projects. He is inquisitive about cultures around the world. He seeks challenges and doesn’t rest until he accomplishes the impossible. He is a down-to-earth personality, getting along with all that he meets. He enjoys giving back to the community.


Noman has utilized his skillset in a number of projects some of which are listed below:

  1. Corporate World Practice Website
  2. Timing Chase Website
  3. Salus University Website
  4. PCO Website
  5. The Eye Institute Website
  6. Franklin Mills Mall Security Software
  7. ServPro Accounting Software
  8. Follet Bookstore Inventory Software
  9. Inspiration Brand Software

Community Services

Seeing others suffer gets Noman down. He has a desire to help whenever and wherever he can. Not only is he involved in community service organizations such as CAIR, ACEA, HUO but he is also an active member of worldwide efforts such as Hunger Free, and Educate Children.

Contact Details

Contact Noman Via:
Phone: +61 470 278 752
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