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My name is Nicholas Pasztor. I Live in Cullen Bullen and have lived there most of my life. I attended Cullen Bullen Public School from Kindergarden throught to year 6, after which i complted year 7 - 12 at Lithgow High School. Through my time at Lithgow High School I Found my love for Computing and coding, most of my reccess's and lunch's where spent in E27 the computer room where I would further my knoledge in coding with the help of the software teacher Mr Nicholas Dingle.

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I have a wide range of skills, theses are as followed:

My achivments are as followd:

  • I currently have a orange belt in karate
  • I have obtained my certificate 3 in information digital media and technology
  • I paticipated in the 2016 FIRST Robitics compition through Lithgow High school
  • I obtained adimistration access to lithgow high schools computer networks in year 12 as I would always help the computing faculty this let me learn a lot of new skill and I am proud that they let a student become a asset.

My Weaknesses are as followd:

My work histroy is as follows