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I am an ambitious, self-made, work alcoholic but down to earth person. What I thrive to achieve in my life is to become a successful person. Climbing the corporate ladder is a challenging task and I believe, I have the technical and soft skills to achieve that. This site is about a student who dreams big and who hopes to become a person that matters in this country one day.

Kusal Peiris

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Welcome to my website. I am Kusal Peiris from Colombo, Sri Lanka and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. I'm sucessfully completed up to year 12 examination back in Sri Lanka. Currently following a bachelors of Information Technology degree at Charles Sturt University in Melbourne
When not up to my elbows in Designing, I love go out and take photos, and cycling.



Here are some of my designs.
"Designing is thinking made visible"
I consider myself as a freelance graphic designer.Most of my work come from myself but also i take jobs. Alot of my free time is spent on designing as well as taking photos.
I make cool things and being creative.
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I'd love your feedback!

Phone: +61 490 419 775
Email: peiriskusal@gmail.com
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