♕ My Profile ♕


My name is Natasha Suriman. I am currently 22 years old, I was born on a beautiful morning of the 27th February 1995. I currently live in Australia, in Sydney to be exact. I have been in Australia for around 5 years, pursuing my career goals and a better future.

Where am I from?

I am originally from Indonesia. I grew up in Jakarta, which is the capital of Indonesia. I was 17 when I came to Australia, just after I graduated high school.

How big is my family?

My core family is a happy little family. Back in Indonesia, I lived with my mom, dad, and a younger brother. He is 8 years younger than me, yet he is already taller than me now! If we're talking about relatives - that's a whole different story as we've got a huge family from my father's side.

What do I look like?

This is what I look like when I was young: And this is what I look like nowadays!