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(Just sample)....Hi everyone if you want me to do your job just give me a buzz. This is my project and I am doing it as my assignment. I hope you all like this site. If you have any complains you can contact me on my address.I am an experienced free lancer for doing work and you know what I am an experienced designer there fore i guess you guys gonna rock my time with you people i love to work in friendly environment with all my team. I enjoy my job so I am here today. what i mean to say is that we all should enjoy our job if we really want to have good time in future. The first website quoted to be made[1] was a 1990 CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research Organisation) website, a file uploaded and published to an as yet quite early form of the internet.[2] At that point, the endeavor served as little beyond a source of information about this new invention, consisting of several different pages with links to each of them having been established with hyperlinks.[3] These pages were taken down, possibly as early as 1993, due to a belief they had become irrelevant, but were eventually restored by CERN in 2013 upon the realisation of their immense importance to the historical record of human development,[4] and as of today can be found on this link: http://info.cern.ch/. Although at the time there were few computers capable of browsing this modern internet back in 1990, this website has become incredibly important due to its place in being the very first such webpage made available to the public.