Biography of Punam Chaudhary


My name is Punam Chaudhary. I am from small and beautiful country Nepal. I had completed my year 12 in my home town in my own country Nepal. And Now I am reading Bachelor Of Information Technology in Charles Sturt University in Sydney Australia.I am doing part time job as an personal assistant in Home Care. I belong to middle class family from dang,Nepal.My father is a social worker and a politician. And my mother is a housewife.
I am younger daughter of my parents. My elder sister is studying Masters in Business Studies in Kathmandu,Nepal and she works as an accountant in a private telephone company.


I am studying Bachelor of Information Technology in Charles Sturt University in Sydney, Australia. My specialization is Networking. Currently,I am enrolled second semester of my Bachelor Studies. I have keen interest about computers since my childhood. I have completed my higher secondary school with the major subject Biology in Science in my home town.


People have different type of hobby according to their nature. I also do have various kind of hobbies but some of them are my favourite. I love travelling to new places with my friends and family.I am always excited to go tour, picnic, treking and so on with my friends.
I am fond of visiting religious places and cultural places with my family. I also love to listen music using social sites and some while reading books. Among my various hobbies I have listed some of my hobbies below:


Life is always about learning new things. Everyday we learn new things and get a new experience. I think people get a new experience in every second of life. Likewise, I am getting a new experience in every steps of my life. The website I am making now is my one of the new experience.
Likewise, I do have school life experience in which I got chance to learn many new things like making new friends, talking to teachers, learning to read and write, teasing friends, playing new games. One of my bad experience in my school life was I doing cycling with my friends in rainy season and I fell down in road because of that I broke my left leg.
After finishing my high school, I got chance to learn many new things, I move to city from my home town,then joined a new course, started IELTS to make my english better. I slowly started to be independent. I came to Australia and got a chance to experience a true life.

My motivations and Inspiration

The biggest motivation in my life is my DAD. He was the only one because of whome I am able to come to here in my life. I can became motivated with some small things. Only one thing I can do by myshelf is I always used to keep my calm down and cool to get my best in life.
I use to watch some inspirational show in youtube when I feel bored. Some times I read inspirational qoutes.