I am a reliable, diligent, organized I.T professional. I thrive on challenges adapts easily to new roles and responsibilities, with good interpersonal skills and an enthusiastic team player.

Work Experience

  • Hamilton Internet cafe Newcastle May 2006- March 2007
  • Adamstown library June Adamstown 2007- April 2008
  • Gurwood Woolworth Wagga Wagga September 2009- October 2009

My Skills

Database Management
  1. I am proficient in database technologies includeing MySQL, Oracle and a range of NoSQL solutions
  2. Advance database management including; Optimization, Replication and Auto backup
Software Development
  1. Software development on both desktop and web applications

Education Background

  1. Bachelor degree: Charles Sturt University, Australia (2009-2015)
  2. Business Management : Bachelor degree: Charles Sturt University, Australia(2015-2019)
  3. Information Technology : Completed High School certificate (2006-2008)

About Me

  • My name is Peter Deng,I Migrated to Australia back in May 2004 from Kenya.
  • I Was born and raise at the start of Civil War in Country now called South Sudan in 1990.
  • Between 1998-2003 I left home to attend all boys boarding school in Nakuru just west of kenya.
  • During my years there i learn alot if lanaguages including swahili,english and africana among others
  • Start of April 2004 we were granted visa by the Australian Embassy in Nairobi to Migrated to Australia
  • However due to complication we did not leave until May 2005 and settle in Newcastle NSW
  • Attend Saint Puis high school 2006 in Adamstown after waiting for a full year to join year Ten
  • year later I join St Francis Xavier colloge In Hamilton for for higher school certificate

Contact Details

Name: Peter Deng
Phone: 0422240627
Address: 81 Crampton Street