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Hello! My Name is Pratibhushan Neupane.I am from Gongabu Kathmandu Nepal.I was born in 1985 October 21.I have got 10 family members.I have been involving in IT fieldset for 7 years.Now I am here in Australia.I am enrolling Master degree.


My Introduction


I am Pratibhushan Neupane, a resident of Gongabu, Kathmandu. I completed BCA in October 2006. Talking about my intermediate program; I did +2 from Ashirwad College with Computer and HotelManagement as major subject. I completed the course in 2003. During my college days I was a sports lover and always wanted to participate in various college activities whenever I got the chance. Currently, I am working as a Senior IT Assistant in Kailash Bikas Bank, one of the leading national development banks of Nepal. During my 4 years of service I have had the opportunity to apply what I learnt theoretically in College. I have attended various in house training conducted by the bank as well to help polish my theoretical knowledge.

Information Technology is a dominating subject of this century. Nowadays, in most of the organization traditional manual system is superseding with computerized system. So that skilled and experienced IT personals had become crucial manpower all over the globe. Also, In Nepal lots of financial institution and industries have eradicated the traditional manual working system. So in this context I have chosen Information technology as my major profession. As I said earlier I had worked in leading development Bank of Nepal but last month the bank had installed sophisticated IT infrastructure in a bank and also planning installed complex networking system for security. Hence, I realized that my present skill and knowledge is not enough for future improvement. So I have decided to learn Master for my better career. Although, we have good college in Nepal but most of the Nepalese college provides more theoretical knowledge in lieu of practical knowledge. Also, there is not a balance between theoretical and Practical Knowledge. The IT courses at CSU are suited as my expectation. Choosing the Right University is often arduous job and also it may be challenging for a students to face academic level. During research on website and in brochure I found CSU University is the Australia's most engaged Public University. Since its inception it's has a highest graduate rate. Also the University is providing advanced teaching and learning facilities. The courses at CSU are all industry relevant. For these reasons I am fascinating toward CSU and live in Sydney. Also when I go through website, youtube and seminars I found following strength which I am looking for further education.

Because of these academic and learning credentials I am excited to study in CSU and living in Sydney.

Australia has always welcomed people with open hearts and is a dream destination for hard working people. It is one of the best countries to gain academic degree. Likewise, it is one of the unique countries in terms of culture, climate, topography and history. Its suitable climate almost the same temperate climate over the year as of Nepal, the rich culture, history and great cuisines has always inspired me to be a part of it. Likewise, Sydney is ranked as one of the livable city. Its love for sports, fashion, and vibrant energy has made this a sophisticated city. It would be a great nobility to experience the lifestyle of such a great city. I have a family that is well established in Nepal. My father is a retired social worker and is currently engaged in farming and various social activities in the society. My mother is government teacher she has been teaching in a school for 20 years. I have got 2 brothers and I am a third one.My first brother is civil engineer he had worked in a Tamakoshi Hydropower limited as senior engineer. Now, he is working at Dordi Hydropower Limited and my second brother is medical doctor.He works in Nepal Army Hospital.Likewise, my first sister in law works in financial institution and second sister in law works in Nepal Army Hospital.She is a medical nurse.Also, my father in law is govenment offer.He works at District Education office as Education Resource Person.

Learning everyday with the walks of life and to travel the whole world someday has always provided me the zeal to work hard. I am extremely happy to choose Charles Sturn University as my destination as it is Australia’s pioneer university with a long history. Its focus for academic excellence, research, world class management team, student friendly environment, wide range of subjects to choose from has inspired me a lot to join the college which will certainly help me to grow as a successful person. It will be an honor to join the college if I get chance. I believe that my continuous strive to learn more and hard work will certainly add something to the rich diversity of CSU and I feel that it would be a milestone for me to enhance my skills and be a learned person after I come back to my lovely country. I feel even though the path ahead will be steep I will certainly shine if I am allowed to join your prestigious university. I will be greatly humbled for your kind cooperation and granting me to study at your university.


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Good! Thank u very much for your information

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Wow!Thank for your information Pratibhushan

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