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My Profile

True Name: Phung Phi Anh

Age:19(near 20)

Date of Birth: 2 October 1997

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Welcome to my Website

Here is some useful apps can help you find me in social media, my ID for all of them is: Phi Anh Phung



Just some outside things :) ... Well basicly I do like and hate something in my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things I Like: + Food such as Pizza, Hamburger, Sashimi(It's Japannese food),... + Movie types: Horror, Action,... such as Conjuring, Insidious and Fast and Furious + Game: League of Legend, Dota2 and L4D2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things I Dislike: - Sport: Evrythings - Vegetables - Insects

There is few things I want to discuss in my Website is that there are a lot of things I don't know and I'm a bit lazy acctually but I can learn and change if there is something make me feel interest.

However, If there is some people looking at my Personal Webpage and feel I can join you guys to work, feel free to contact me ^^ !