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My Personal Profile

Name: Phi Anh Phung (Patrick)

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 2 October 1997

My Profile Picture (Janary-2018)


Welcome to my Personal Website

My name is Phi Anh or can be know as Patrick. Right now I'm a second-year student of CSU. In Charles Sturt University (CSU), my goal is to graduate the Bachelor certificate of IT (Information Technology) Here are some social network that Ihave been using:

About Me
	Things I like and hate
	Things I Like:
		+ Food: Pizza, Hamburger, Sashimi, Sushi 
		+ Movie types: Horror, Action.
		+ Game: League of Legend, Dota2 and L4D2.
		+ I like to Sleep > 6 hours per day!
		+ Manga: Tower of Gods, One Piece.
		+ Novel: Ice Global
	Things I Dislike:
		- Sport: Soccer
		- Vegetables: Tomatoes and carrot
		- Insects, rat and crocodiles.  

I want to live a normal life. Live with all my heart and live with my happiness.

Feel free to contact me by this wbsite XD, I will always welcome everyone ^^ !