Purnima Prajapati

Year 2017

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I'm Purnima. I was born and raised in Nepal. I am a full stack web developer since 2012. My core areas are HTML5, PHP, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Angular JS. If you would like know more about me, You can send an email or you can follow me on twitter.

Career Summary


  1. Masters in Information Technology | Nov 2016-Current | Charles Sturt University, Sydney, Australia
  2. Bachelor in Information Technology | 2007-2012 | College of Information Technology Engineering Purbanchal University, Nepal

My Hobbies ›

Everyone should have something make you feel yourself. Some hobbies to make and learn yourself to make you more bolder.

Some hobbies of me

  • Travelling
  • Dancing
  • Studying
  • Knowing new culture
  • Surfing new websites and social deeds

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