Dr Paul Prenzler
Paul Prenzler

BSc(Hons), 1987; PhD, 1992; University of Queensland. MRACI CChem. 

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Phone (02) 6933 2978 
Fax (02) 6933 2866
Email pprenzler@csu.edu.au

Research Interests

My main research interests lie with the application of fundamental chemical principles to practical problems in wine, food and health. A range of techniques may be applied to such studies, including:

    ballliquid chromatography;
    ballSPME gas chromatography
    ballelectrospray mass spectrometry;
    ballNMR spectroscopy;
Specific research projects include:
    ballthe analytical chemistry of antioxidant tests;
    ballspoilage of white wine (funded by GWRDC);
    ballrecovery of bioactive compounds from olive waste streams (funded by RIRDC);
    ballfingerprinting DOC to determine sources of DOC in Australian flood-plain rivers;
    ballquality and bioactive constituents of Camellia oil (funded by the Australia-China Special Fund);
    ballisolation of bioactive constituents in medicinal plants (funded by HEC Pakistan).
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    CHM107 Chemistry 1B
    CHM216 Organic Chemistry
    CHM219 Organic and Physical Chemistry for Pharmacy
    CHM320 Instrumental Analysis
Selected Publications
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