My Bio

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I am Pankaj Shrestha from Bharatpur-city, chitwan- district, Nepal son of Mr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha and Mrs. Chhuna Shrestha. I was born on 15th march, 1998. I belong to a small and a happy family consisting of my father, mother and my sister including me. My family members are so much united and we have a very deep bond with each other. I am a very humorous person, loves to crack jokes and have a fun with family and friends. I have a huge dream to be a successfull person in my life as every other people have. One day I want to make my parents proud being the best son. I am a kind of enthusiasctic person and i enjoy to do any kind of work energetically.I am a very positve person who believe in being positive in each amd every situation of life. I follow optimism.

My Educational Background

Regarding my education history I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) from Adventure English Boarding School, located in Bharatpur city of Nepal. Then I joined Prerana Higher Secondary English Boarding School to complete my Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). Finally, I completed my HSEB securing good marks. As I was so much intrested in the emerging technology I started studying two years of BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing and System Development from ISMT (International School of Management and Technology) college . After completing this two years of course, I decided to continue my study in foreign country as I was not much satisfied by the education system of my home country. So, I took an English Language proficiency test and finally i meet all the requirements to be able to apply for the overseas country to sudy. I came to choose Australia as my study destination as it is one of the most preffered destination for student in the world. Currently, I am studying Bachelor of information Technology in Charles Sturt University (CSU), Sydney .

My Hobbies

Though I am an IT student I do love doing some extra-curriculam activities. Extra activities refreshes mind and body which help us to relax from our stress. It doesnt'n only eliminates the stress from our life, it also helps to discover new things in our life. Besides studying, some of my hobbies are:

My Motivation

To move ahead in life motivation plays vital role. Sometimes we need to get a good suggestion from others about handling our life in right way. All this advices are essential to identify the solutions of the problems that exists in our life .For me my source of motivations are all my teachers who always encourages me to boost my energy. My first teachers are my parents and familey members who taught me to be a good human being in life. Furthermore, my teachers of schools and colleges do provide me the important information that I need to uplift my life in an independent way. Moreover, Visit!