Welcome to my Home

My name is Robin Anand. My nationality is Indian . My home town is Mahilpur which is located in Punjab the food state of India. I was born on 3rd January 1998. I love exploring new places. My passion is Sports. I love playing all sports but cricket is my favourite sport. I am very foody person. I love eating different varieties of food. My favourite food is Grilled Chicken. I have completed my basic education from St.josephs convent school. I completed my higher studies from MMM public school in Non-Medical field. I am currently studying at Charles Stuart University located in Sydney, Australia. I am persuading my bachelor degree in Information Technology.
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My aims in life

My main goal in life is to become a software programmer .I want to become the best in the field and I am my putting all my efforts in doing so. I want to become a successful person in life and want to gain name and fame. I am the eldest child in my family, so I have many responsibilities on my shoulders. I want to give my parents everything they deserve and support my younger brother. I want to become a good and responsible citizen of my country. Supporting poor and needy people is one of my dream.