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Hello all.My name is Ranjan.I am here to develop the supreme quality of website.I am interested on computer since childhood.I want to develop my carrer on software field.I am hardworking and dedicative individual.I generally use blue lenses.I want to innovate the new software and able to give people the new taste of technology what they really deserve.I am focused on doing higher level of studies on this field upto Phd.

Qualification and hobbies

I completed my SLC level from Sagarmatha Higher Secondary Boarding School.I passed there with high distinction.Then for my intermediate level i joined United Academy.I passed there with high distinction as well.For my further studies,I gain attention to visit Australia.As per my interest,I applied for visa.Luckily,I got the chance to explore australia and enchance my knowledge on IT field.Speaking about my hobby,I love to play football.Beside that I like to read new novels.Adding on that I love to play computer games and i am really fascinated with indoor games as well.


I don't have much experience as i am currently studying on my bachelor level.But considering that I am acknowledged in using Microsoft Word,Excel,Photoshop. As i complete my bachelor level in information technology i will gain the experienced certificate and i will be well known as computer literate.CSU gives the platform to many international students for job opportunities as we should pay < 30,000$ but > 20,000$.

Motivation,Ambition and Inspiration

I am motivated from my brother.He helped me a lot throughout the year for my shake.My target,goal,ambition is to dedicate all my hardwork on software field. I want to be Software Engineer in IT focused environment.My first inspiration is my brother.He is my first teacher.I always admire him while i get to learn new things from him.He is Software Developer in Oracle.As we know,source of inspiration always comes from family