[Rahul's Portfolio]

Who Am I?

I am Rahul munganda.
I'm from Hyderabad, india a twenty four year old programmer npw living in Melbourne, australia. My skills are Game Design, website design.



The idea of becoming a game designer struck me in 2007.From my childhood, I was interested in computers. I always
thought - how would a machine made by silicon and metal pieces obey our commands, give suggestions and calculate
so fast?? This doubt led me into learning many things about a computer.


Started game design as a kid. They were always backed with positive feedbacks but were never published (Who would
publish games designed by a Kid??)

[2012 February]

Started "Magnetic Thumbs". This is an exclusive website for game design tutorials and webdesign tips.

[2012 March]

Started Web design services.Earlier, I created www.rahulzekky.com just for fun. Now this is my profile.I've developed
a few websites for individuals as a hobby for very low prices or for nothing.But they were very happy with the result.Till
then I had only a game design studio in mind. but all their positive feedback made me do this!

I haven't developed a lot of websites. My name isn't a huge brand and I'm new to this industry but I've made a very
good impression on the customers I have offered services.

" I'm Unique And That Is My Advantage. "

My Skills

I can even do Video editing and Audio Editing