Rutul SHAH

I design website, you get more business. Simple.


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Web semantics
  • Content writing
  • Colours
  • Adobe Photoshop


I am active in my University in extra-curricular activities, online coding competitions, participating and helping fellow designers and developers online and offline.

I volunteer for offering my skills and knowledge to further the cause of social groups.

I blog also, and am planning to write books once I earn my stripes!

Contributing to open-source is also my hobby, and you can find me on Github

My work process is as follows:

  1. Get an idea of the project
  2. Brainstorm the project
  3. Code the ideas
  4. Showcase to client

Previous Experience

I have worked for friends, family and relatives, local government agencies, and for a couple of paid clients.

Some of the open source projects I have contributed to are Example Project 1, Example Project 2, and others in the same field.

This website is also a showcase of my designing, developing, and writing skills.

The goal is to impress you to get in touch with me - say hi or offer business, you are always welcome.


I have taken formal education in my line. Recently, I passed out with distinction, and have also minored in allied subjects.

During my education, I did not remain confined to the University classes and invested my time in developing programming and designing skills.

I have won a good number of prizes in online and offline competitions.

About Me

I am your friendly guide to the world of technology and will help you utilise technology to further your business goals. Follow the money, they say. You are here because web presence can help you stay relevant and God willing thrive in the online world.

I prefer minimal, clean, and functional designs. There is too much clutter and focus-stealing in the world already. But that's about me. For you, I will design something which rings your bells.

Psst... I also manage social media accounts of users, companies, and organisations.

Call to Action

Yeah, this heading is for the marketers, and agencies. You know, I have been priming you, talking about the benefits, and telling about me.

Now is the time to close the deal, right? yellow smiley ball

Email me at - say hi, offer suggestion, and yes, we will discuss and develop or maintain your website too.