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I am Ruby Shrestha.I am a 19 years old girl from Nepal who belongs to a middle class family of five people. I have a elder sister who always fights with me but also loves me a lot and all my family members support me in my decision.

About Myself

New York

I am an international student in Australia currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology in Charles Sturt University. I am very keen towards study and serious about my future. I have moved here to get better education and improve my life standard.


I am not very much interested in outdoor games but I love travelling and have travelled many places while I was in Nepal. I dont have much knowledge about any of the games.I love to dance and I have participated in many dance competition when I was in Nepal. Dancing helps to express my feelings and sometimes aggression as well.


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                   178 Graham St, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047
                        Contact N0: 04697100477

Personal info::

Sex: Female      DOB: 23rd May 1999
Academic Qualification: Currently enrolled in Bachelor of IT    Nationality:Nepal

Me as a person:

I am a self-motivated person who is willing to face the challenges and difficulties to solve the problem and make my life better.I am very interested to learn new things and explore new things.

Major attributes:

  1. Easy adjustable
  2. Positive thinker
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Friendly

Educational record:

Institution name: Charles Sturt University
Location: 30 Church Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
Level: Bachelor
Course selected: Bachelor of Information Technology
Specialization: Network Engineering
Course duration: February 2018 - February 2021 

Institution name: The Times Higher Secondary School
Location: Charkhal, Dillibazar Kathmandu
Level: Higher Secondary
Course selected: SCIENCE
Specialization: Mathematics
Course duration: July 2015 - August 2017